It’s probably not surprising given the proximity and the cost that we’ve spent a bit of time exploring Asia – it is on our doorstep after all. But it’s also a fascinating region to traipse through.

In terms of ticking off bucketlist items or world-renowned heritage hotspots, Asia has you covered with sites like the Taj Mahal, the Great Wall, Angkor Wat, the temples of Bagan, HaLong Bay … and they’re just the super high-profile sites.

Then there are the stunning beaches of Cambodia (Koh Rung is still one of the most beautiful beaches we’ve seen), the awesome wildlife – tigers! And panda bears! The intriguing cultures and don’t get us started on the food – mmmmm.

There is a diversity throughout Asia that gives this region a unique charm.

We were fascinated by the culture and heritage sites, but fell in love with the natural beauty and the people.

And while of course every part of Asia is different – with different human rights challenges, different histories and different levels of accessibility for the traveller – it’s a region best appreciated by exploring all facets.

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