Travel tips, planning and resources

Travel is hard work.

It’s unlike any other experience you’re ever likely to have. There’s the longing to go, the planning, the packing the leaving family and friends, taking yourself entirely out of your comfort zone, the expectations and finally the wonder of new experiences.

You’ll go through a wave of emotions. We know. As tour hosts and avid travellers we’ve travelled with hundreds of people over the years and have seen that cocktail of emotions play out on just about every trip – in ourselves and in others.

But that’s also what makes travel so exciting. That feeling of learning something new about yourself and the world around you, of experiencing cultures and places so different to your everyday. It’s intoxicating and very, very addictive.

The best trips can perhaps best be described as “structured fluidity” – that perfect blend of being planned, yet adaptable, of having an itinerary that is flexible and allows for the unexpected to creep into your days.

You’ll enjoy your trip so much more if you have planned the basics.

Do your research on the country, the town and any companies you’ll be travelling with, know what you need to take with you, know how you like to travel and then get out there.

Here, you’ll find travel tips and resources to help you plan for your next adventure.

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