United Kingdom

You might be wondering why we’ve created a separate region out of such a small part of the world. But what the UK lacks in actual size it more than makes up for in tourist attractions and sheer beauty.

While it’s true you can get a little ‘castled out’ travelling through Ireland, Scotland, England and Wales, that first moment you see a walled castle or city is immensely exciting. I challenge you to resist imagining yourself as a Lord or Lady, a King or Queen or a Knight crossing the draw bridge into a castle.

The UK has a special place in our hearts. Aside from the fact I was born in the UK (in Nottingham, in case you were wondering) it was our first overseas destination together. Four weeks through England, Ireland and Scotland, followed by two months in Europe.

It was also the catalyst for Ade’s transformation from someone who I was dragging along overseas to avid traveller who now generally plans all our travel and was the birthplace of his passion for photography.

Somewhere between Nottingham and the Glencoe Mountains in Scotland I stopped having to beg Ade to take the camera out to photograph a moment and instead found myself sitting in the car while he once again pulled over to get just the right shot.

Take an armchair tour of the UK with us.

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