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Our online travel journal helps us capture every step of our travel in words and pictures. Read about our feelings and the emotions that travel evokes.

For us, travel is not just about the things we see, it’s about how those experiences make us feel. It’s about the people we meet, the fun and joy travel brings us.

But travel is also hard work, it’s anxiety and confusion. It’s intimidating and daunting and sometimes, let’s be honest, downright scary.

Follow our travel journal and see what travel is really like. Be warned, be prepared but most of all be inspired to get out and see the world in your own way.

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Laughing our way through Kenya on an African Adventure

Two brothers, two sisters, ten friends, four weeks, one grand adventure through Kenya and Uganda. First stop, two weeks in Kenya It all starts at Tullamarine airport, where Donna tries to smuggle a cable through customs. “Looks dodgy,” they say, and bar her access. Not even her sweet smile can get her past these Melbourne [...]

From leeches to rare cockatoos – camping in Narbethong

We’re not really what you’d call campers, Ade and I. Last time we went camping was to Eden with a group of friends. All we had was a little four-person dome tent, a blow-up mattress and two sleeping bags. Oh, and two fold-up camp chairs that were just about to fall apart. (One of them […]

Lessons in trust and living like a local in Saigon

I’ve had a real lesson in trust this week and letting go of my “control freak” tendencies. Since being in Vietnam on my great life swap experiment I’ve been used to getting around the frantic Ho Chi Minh traffic on the back of a motorbike via Grab, a company that works like Uber but offers […]

The great Saigon life swap experiment (and why travel isn’t always rainbows and butterflies)

I’m often guilty of only ever writing about the positives of travel, of painting our trips as a kind of utopia in which nothing ever goes wrong. I do the same on social media. On Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, I write about all the wonderful things we get to see and do, and leave out […]

Finding stillness on a cruise in Ha Long Bay

It’s 6am and already I’m standing on top of a boat, a houseboat, in Ha Long Bay. Around me the boats are just waking up, lights slowly coming on as those on board peer out the windows at the jaw-dropping scenery around them. It’s one of those “pinch yourself “kind of moments. You know the […]

Finding travel inspiration from the people around us

I’ve just come back from Vietnam where I was lucky enough to be hosting a tour with Two’s a Crowd. It’s my second time to Vietnam in 12 months, Ade’s been there twice too, all with Two’s a Crowd. And it got me thinking, as I’ve been going through my photos and unpacking all my […]

Five of our most amazing travel experiences

Ade and I have been lucky enough to do quite a bit of travel. We like to explore cultures and get to know people while we travel, so sometimes our experiences are a little less conventional and off the usual tourist lists. We’re often asked to help others plan their holidays or recommend ideas for […]

25 Things I thought on Safari in Africa

We’ve been on safari in Kenya, in Tanzania, in Uganda and in South Africa, and it’s one of the most amazing experiences we’ve had, but it doesn’t always go smoothly. Here are 25 thoughts I actually had while on safari – random, I know… We’re off on safari, bring out the animals! This van is […]

The kindness of strangers on the road less travelled

One of the things I love about travelling is the people you meet along the way. From the weird and eccentric to the mellow and laid back, it’s not surprising that you meet all types of people on the road. But one thing I’m often surprised by is the kindness of people when we travel. […]

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