Oceania – Sun, Surf and Starry Skies

We admit we’re a little bit biased towards Oceania.

Afterall, Melbourne, in Australia, is the best city on Earth, it also happens to be our home which pretty much explains our bias.

But seriously, there is so much natural beauty across this part of the world it’s hard not to fall in love with it.

Every time I go back to Fiji (I’ve now been four times) I think to myself, the beaches can’t possibly be as beautiful as I’ve remembered them, the people not nearly as friendly as my mind has built them up to be, and yet every time I land on these islands I’m blown away anew. Fiji is simply that beautiful and that friendly.

But this part of the world isn’t just about the beaches. New Zealand had us stopping every 10 minutes for photo opportunities of mountains, lakes and fiords. Combine that with the jaw-dropping adventure playground that is Queenstown and you’ve got a tiny country that packs a mighty travel punch.
And don’t even get me started on the fudge – the best I’ve ever tasted…

Take an armchair tour of Oceania with us.

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