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Six things that make India awesome

India is renowned for its majestic monuments and the Taj Mahal, the most famous of them all, certainly lives up to its reputation. But there are many other delights just waiting to be discovered in this amazing country.

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India has hundreds of forts dotted across the countryside. Jaipur alone has at least three forts. But each of the forts is unique and it’s worth spending time learning about the country’s history through its many forts. Just be ready to pose for photos for the locals. We had countless photos taken with local tourists who were intrigued by our white skin.

Many people go to India for the architecture. But every bit as impressive as the architectural marvels are the Indian Himalayas. India has some of the tallest mountains in the world. And while it may not quite live up to its title as the “Switzerland” of India, the mountains in Kashmir are nonetheless breathtaking.

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When it comes to religion, India has most of them covered. Hindu, Muslim, Buddhism and Christian. While it is not completely free of trouble the different religions live in peace and harmony much of the time and provide a really interesting travel experience. The impact of religion is evident throughout the country and again it’s an interesting way to explore the country’s rich history.

But there is no where quite like Varanassi – the holiest place in India. Varanassi, and the Ganges in particular, is the final resting place for many Indians and while the locals make their pilgrimage to the holy waters, the tourists also come here in their thousands. Be sure to get up early to watch the sun rise over the Ganges, it is a truly magical experience.

India has some incredible national parks, and of course it’s one of the few countries in the world in which the Royal Bengal Tiger can be found in the wild. We were fortunate to spend three nights in Ramnagar, the main town from which to enter Corbett National Park. We were there in search of the elusive tiger, and while we weren’t lucky enough this time to spot a tiger, we did see many other wild animals and birdlife.

India, it has to be said, is a tough country to travel through but the rewards make it truly worth the effort. It may be a cliché, but it’s true what they say – India really does get under your skin.

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